Bulk Lab Supplies

Bulk Lab Supplies
LeJoy Kits also provides the option of ordering bulk lab supplies for your students if you prefer. This option is helpful for schools offering curriculum conisting of hands-on training.

Items available include:

- Foley Catheterization Trays
- Trach Care Trays
- Sterile Dress Changing Trays
- Central Line Dressing Trays, with Tegaderm, ChloraPrep & Biopatch
- Alcohol Prep Pads
- Gauzes
- Syringes & Needles
- IV Solution
- IV Trays (available Latex-free & with ChloraPrep)
- Practi-medication, such as Powders, Ampules, etc.
- Salem Sump Tubes
- StatLock PICC Lines

& more!

Contact us at: anthony@lejoyuniforms.com